Adult & Child Counseling Services, Inc

Joining hands to offer mental health access to adults children and families in our community.

Adult & Child Counseling Services, Inc. (ACCS) is classified as a 501(c)3 public charity. It was organized exclusively to provide evidence-based mental health care for indigent and non-insured adults, children and families in Northwest Florida who would not otherwise have access to services. We began utilizing this program in 2014 and have since provided timely and quality mental health services to over 500. These individuals and families have brought us great pride in meeting their mental health goals to return to the community with optimal social and emotional functioning when services may not have otherwise been available.

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100% of Adult & Child Counseling Service's funds provides lifesaving and rehabilitating care.

ACCS has provided quality counseling to 500 patients since its inception 4 years ago.