Infants & Toddlers

We are Here to Help from the Very Beginning

The benefits of social and emotional development last a lifetime.

Research continues to show the long lasting effects of positive social and emotional development in infancy and early childhood. Our infant mental health counselors are specially trained to work within the caregiver-child relationship to assist with healthy attachment and positive interaction with the goal of achieving a well-balanced and happy future for your littlest one.

Key areas of focus address behavioral issues and parenting skills to help prevent meltdowns, manage tantrums and create consistent routines that improve your baby's well-being.

Types of Infant & Toddler Mental Health Treatment

Infant & Toddler Mental Health Concerns

The trained clinicians at Adult & Child Mental Health Care treat a variety of mental health issues that develop in infants and toddlers. Typical treatments target:

  • Behavioral issues
  • Physical aggression
  • Tantrums
  • Trauma
  • Withdrawal

Circle of Security International Program for Parents and Children

One of the interventions utilized at ACMHC to assist with parenting skills and attachment concerns is the Circle of Security International an early intervention program for parents and children. This wonderful program provides a fun and interactive venue to assist parents with building skills to better understand their child's behaviors. Ask us how Circle of Security International can help you and your family. 

Mental Health Concerns for New Parents

Issues with infants and toddlers are often accompanied by mental health concerns for new parents who are often exhausted from the round-the-clock care that comes with caring for an infant or toddler. Our holistic approach embraces both the caregiver's and infant or toddler's needs.

Treatments that focus on the caregiver-child relationship target:

  • Adjusting to life with a new baby
  • Caregiver counseling, guidance and support
  • Parent-child attachment
  • Parenting skills
  • Psychological assessment
  • Sessions required by Florida Department of Families, FamiliesFirst or court ordered counseling
  • Understanding & positively managing a baby's behavior
  • Understanding & addressing a baby's needs
Can Toddlers Have Behavioral Issues?

The short answer is "yes." Every child is unique and factors like individual temperament, the current developmental phase of the toddler, genetics and environmental experiences CAN influence a child's behavior. Infants or toddlers who may have had difficulty with attachment or have been through a traumatic experience may exhibit tantrums, become withdrawn, or even be physically aggressive. It's important to understand that behavior means something. What is your child trying to tell you?

Treatment for infants and toddlers centers around working closely with caregivers, educating them about social/emotional development as well as mindfulness regarding their own reactions to their child's behaviors.  

If you are a foster parent, relative, caregiver, or parent who is having difficulty with your infant or toddler, please feel free to schedule an appointment for an assessment and let us help you and your child work towards a positive outcome.

How Does ACMHC Help Caregivers?

Let our experienced clinicians give you practical methods to manage your child's behaviors and create positive interactions and routines for you and your little one. With our fun and interactive techniques, caregivers will learn that playtime can be the ideal opportunity to strengthen your bond and encourage your child to develop skills critical for healthy development.

Caregivers are often frustrated by their child's behaviors. Learning how to recognize cues can help you anticipate a child's need before their behavior becomes a problem.

Feel free to give us a call for more information about how we help caregivers schedule a time for an assessment.